Boat Deck Wash – 1 Ltr


High performance biodegradable formulation for use on paintwork, metal surfaces, plastics, rubber and gelcoat. The product enables easy and fast removal of dirt, oil, exhaust stains and organic grime.

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Mint Boat Deck Wash is a high performance biodegradable formulation

  • A high performance formulation for use on gel coat, deck areas, paintwork, metal surfaces, exposed wood, plastics, rubber.
  • The product enables easy and fast removal of organic (algae) grime, dirt, oil, exhaust stains and bird lime
  • Removes engrained dirt quickly and with minimal effort
  • Can be used neat or diluted. Brush on, clean and hose off
  • Foaming trigger spray enables easy application to large areas
  • Features a clean, mint scent
  • Biodegradable alkaline formulation
  • Great for… Everywhere!


  • Where possible remove large areas of grime and algae with a pressure washer first. Wet the deck, before applying the product neat onto the deck and distributing it with a deck brush. Leave for 2-3 minutes for the chemicals to lift and dissolve the dirt from the surface before agitating with a deck brush to a foam and rinsing off. It leaves a non-slip, protective coating.
  • To clean algae from teak decks, apply neat, leave for 2-3 minutes before brush scrubbing clean then rinse well with water. To brighten the teak, apply Mint Hull and Deck cleaner, leave for a few minutes, scrub clean and then rinse with water and allow to dry.

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