Chain Cleaner


The cleaning power your pride and joy deserves.


  • Easy to use. High power delivery ensures dirt and grime is removed quickly
  • Safe to use on chains, swing arms, O, X and Z ring chains
  • Regular cleaning of your chain will extend its life and maintain performance
  • Provides a clean chain ready to be used in conjunction with Mint Chain Lubes
  • Clean, minty scent
  • Not tested on animals


You can lose a huge amount of power through a badly maintained and dirty chain. You should regularly maintain your motorcycle chain to achieve maximum lifespan. The chain should be cleaned before each lubrication, as a combination of dirt and grit with chain lube can make a ‘grinding paste’, severely reducing chain life.

Mint Chain Cleaner is a powerful formulation which is extremely effective at dissolving and washing away contaminated chain lube and the build-up of oil and dirt on your chain, which has dried on over time. Its high-power delivery blasts grit and dirt out of the links and slow-evaporating solvents remain on the surface for longer, in order to dissolve more dirt. The emulsifying formula allows the product to be washed off easily after use, leaving a clean chain ready to receive a new layer of protective Mint Chain Lube.

It of course features a clean, minty scent.

Available in 500ml and the new 750ml workshop ready bottle!

Great For:

  • Chains
  • Sprockets
  • O, X, Z rings

How to use:

  • Secure the bike with rear wheel elevate
    Motorcycle: Oxford’s rear paddock stand ensures that the bike will remain stable and safe. View Here
  • Shake the can well and apply to the chain rotating the wheel slowly by hand
    Motorcycle: Do not use the motor to rotate the wheel.
  • For heavy stubborn dirt and grime reapply and use in conjunction with an Oxford cleaning brush – View Here


“Incredibly impressive… Did exactly what was asked of it and was simple to use.” – RiDE Magazine
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Chain Cleaner in Action:

How to get your bike in MINT condition