Hull and Deck Carnauba Wax UV Sealer – 400ml


A high grade Hull and deck carnauba wax that forms a hard protective shell on fibreglass and painted surfaces. UV inhibitors give protection against the sun’s harmful rays. Comes in an easy to apply gel which is easy to ‘buff off’ giving a high quality and long lasting finish with the minimum of effort. Easy to use by hand or by electric polisher if preferred.

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Carnauba wax rich paste for use on gel coat and hulls to protect and seal the surface.

  • Carnauba wax is insoluble in water and when applied to the hull repels water and marine growth
  • Long lasting shine and protection without hard rubbing and buffing
  • Added UV protection additives reduce UV fading
  • Suitable on painted surfaces and gel coat
  • Easy to apply and buff off by hand or machine polisher


  • Clean the surface to be polished. Apply a small amount to a polishing applicator pad or microfiber cloth and apply to the surface in a circular motion
  • Apply evenly across the surface. Less is more!
  • Once the wax has dried, polish off with a clean cloth or polishing mop until no residue is left
  • Two coats will give the best results
  • Once applied, water will bead up and run off the surface

Exclusively distributed by Aquafax