Hull and Deck Cleaner Gel – 500ml


This is the most effective ALL-ROUND HULL AND DECK CLEANER and can be used on GRP, metals, glass, painted surfaces and safe on wood when diluted. Easily removes dirt and grime, removes stains from marine growth and fish blood. Restores GRP to its natural colour. Removes sea salts and limescale build-up. For use on all external surfaces.

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Developed to chemically remove watermarks, lime, dirt, oil and general grime from gel coat and teak.

  • Cleans and whitens GRP deck areas
  • Gel formulation clings to the surface so it doesn’t run off. Perfect for spot cleaning
  • Dissolves watermarks caused from limescale from hardwater areas
  • Can be mixed into a bucket of water to be used as a scale free rinse aid
  • Contains rinse off additive and leaves a non-slip finish
  • Features a clean minty scent
  • Biodegradable plant based oxalic acid formulation


  • Where possible remove large areas of grime and algae with a pressure washer first.
    Wet the deck, before applying the product neat onto the deck and distributing it with a deck brush. Leave for 2-3 minutes for the chemicals to lift and dissolve the dirt from the surface, before agitating with a deck brush to a foam and rinsing off. It leaves a non-slip, protective coating.
  • Can also be used to brighten teak decks. Use Mint Boat Deck wash first to remove algae, rinse well, then apply, leave on the surface and brush clean. Rinse well and leave to dry before applying a teak oil.

Exclusively distributed by Aquafax