Narrowboat Canopy Cleaner – 500ml


Powerful cleaning performance for external canopies, sails and hoods leaving a mould resistant finish. Clean and sanitise in one operation with this fabric cleaner. Simply pre-wet the fabric, spray on neat and brush clean. Rinse with water and leave to dry. Protect when dry with Mint Canopy reproofer

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Excellent cleaning performance. Contains a powerful and effective biocide.

A unique disinfectant cleaner concentrate which has a combination of safe surface active agents, sequestrants, alkaline builders and biocide, specifically designed to clean and sanitise in one operation.


  • For heavy duty cleaning spray on neat to a pre-wetted fabric, use a soft brush to clean and then rinse with fresh water
  • For lighter work dilute up to 40:1 in water. Protect when dry with Mint Canopy reproofer
  • Always test on an inconspicuous area before full application

Exclusively distributed by Midland Chandlers