Narrowboat Mildew Block – 150ml


A safe combination of anti-fungal herbicides is a highly effective automatic treatment to help prevent black mould and mildew growth and to give a freshened atmosphere. Ideal to use at the start or the end of the season.

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One shot use and remedy for a swift action providing protection against mould.

Pleasantly perfumed and proven to kill the moulds and bacteria which typically breed in air conditioning systems causing unpleasant odours. Proven effective at stopping mildew and damp odours in caravans, boats and holiday cottages during the closed season.


  • Place aerosol in a central position and simply press the self-locking button and close up area for 5 minutes
  • After use, remove the can and ventilate naturally

Do not use in occupied areas and when the unit has been used, make sure area is well ventilated before entry

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