Stain Removing Gel – 400ml


This non-drip gel quickly cleans and removes ugly yellow/brown transom or waterline marks and limescale. The easy to apply non-drip gel can be applied in minutes around the entire hull and is easily hosed off 10 minutes later to leave an as new hull. Can be applied under the hull and won’t drip off or run down the anti-foul paint. Coloured green to make it easy to see where it’s been applied and has a pleasant Mint scent. Also highly effective for removing rust on metal parts.

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  • Quickly removes waterline stains and hard lime scale build-up
  • Restores whiteness to fiberglass hulls
  • Gel formula clings to the surface (even underneath hulls) and works within 10 minutes
  • Unlike similar products, it is easy to wash off by hand or pressure washer
  • Will also remove rust on metals. Does not contain ingredients which accelerate metal corrosion
  • Can also be used in conjunction with Deck Wash to brighten teak decks
  • The green colour makes it easy to see where it has been applied


  • Apply the gel with a 2” paint brush to the hull and areas in need of restoration
  • Watch as the hull returns to its original colour
  • Leave on for approximately 10 minutes (ambient 10°C) then simply wash off with a sponge and fresh water
  • For areas of lime scale build-up, apply light pressure with a sponge or cloth and watch the scale dissolve away
  • For areas of very heavy build up, repeating this process may be necessary
  • Can also be used on teak decks to brighten the wood. Use Boat Wash first before applying this gel. Leave for a few minutes before scrubbing the wood and rinsing off with water.

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